Activities Bibee Maldives

Enjoy the most amazing activities in Bibee Maldives. We provide most of the fun activities that you requires.

Sand Bank Trips

Ever thought of walking out into the ocean on the crystal white sand bank.

Reef Fishing

Ever thought of grilling the fish you caught yourself?


Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Canoe Riding

Canoe ride is an excellent way to discover marine life without snorkeling.


Enjoy the best surf points in Maldives, which have the planet's most consistent surf zones.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Experience a relaxing cruise in search of wild dolphins while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime Maldivian sunset.

Resort Visit

Take a day to explore the luxurious resorts of Maldives. visit a nearby resort for drinks and other requirements.


Experience the beat of Maldives. Bodu Beru allows you to enjoy rhythmic traditional form of music and dance.

Big Game Fishing

Chance to experience Big Game Fishing on traditional Maldivian boats. Big Game Fishing gives you the opportunity.

Wedding Ceremony

Nothing says I love you more than a dream wedding in the Maldives. Our white sand beach overlooking.

Island Hoping

Each island has unique features and culture. Island hopping is best ways to explore the Maldives culture..


Enjoy diving in small groups of no more than 6 divers per boat on our private dive sites.

Private Island

Reserved exclusively for Guests you have chance to enjoy the un-inhabited islands of Maldives.

Baby Shark / Stingray Feeding

Watch, touch and occasionally feed the unique and fascinating stingrays, as they glide...

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